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TEMPLES are to be SPIRITUAL SCHOOLS – Dr T P Sasikumar

Chennai : Temples have to be a constant school for the sanathana values for the youth, said Dr T P Sasikumar. Only lessons on spirituality can lead youth through the life prescribed by Purushartha – he observed. He was talking at Chennai – Mahalingapuram Ayyappa Temple on the Bhagavatha Navaha Sathram. Liberation is the stage in which one joins to God detaching from the material life. Not only through the Yama – Niyama Steps ; one can reach Liberation through Bhakthi too. Only in a clean manas good bhakthi appears. For the clean manas one has to gets the indriyas clean. Activity (karma – anushtanam) that in enjoyment will lead to manas-dilution and being spiritual – he explained.